Thursday, December 27, 2007

More Prague

Pics from May of 2007, cllick on the images to see them in their true glory!

Patterened glass, forms the roof of a "close", or perhaps better called a "courtyard".
This is the 1920's style of the above courtyard....I had to increase the light in the picture, but it still looks dark and gloomy. Thats a shame, because in reality, it was not gloomy at all! All that glass let in a lot of light, and the sculptures were certainly special.

A business selling armour, swords, battle axes and stuff. Neat guys, but I could not communicate with them. I think the heavy plywood shutters make for a very interesting display area.

A random door downtown. I have no idea what is on the other side of it, but I bet its important! You really DO have to click on the above picture to get a real idea of how pretty that stone work is!
This is the tourist information centre. Funny enough, i think I only realized that was what it was when I was back in Canada...I was far too taken by the shields on the third floor.


cv said...

Living in the West in the US, you don't see buildings like this. The East coast has some, and Washington DC is crammed with them

I loved the wooden doors on the carved building. Do one of the shields on the info building look like a martini glass to you?

STAG said...

I think all the buildings are in beautiful living colour! This was not something anybody had told me before I went there, and is not like most cities anywhere.

Ovonia Red said...

Good pics of Prague. I never really thought about the multi-colored buildings. Perhaps that is because I arrived in Prague in December, when everything was grey and overcast and miserable. By the time things warmed and brightened up a bit, I guess I was used to the concept of colorful buildings so I just didn't really see them any more. That is why it is always great to have people visit.


STAG said...

CV, I think the one that looks like a martini glass is actually a three legged swastika.
The real fun lies in tracking these heraldic devices down...they often belong to important families in the city.

Victor said...

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