Thursday, March 20, 2008


The above pic was taken on 3 March, the ones below were taken only 2 weeks later! The icicles are really cool, long, and look at the stalagmites coming up on the rain barrel! The ice dam is starting up top. Compare these cute little (?) icicles to what they became in only two weeks!

Looking out my front door. The snow from the porch roof had to be tossed was sagging, and I had to install jack posts to hold it up! The resulting pile of snow is too high to see over!

The pretty church next door looks like a Xmas postcard. Snow is up to the windows. And the rest of the porch snow got tossed into the much for having a driveway this winter!

The garage roof seems to have a glacier on it. twenty pounds of salt may get rid of it...mayby. It is a classic "ice dam", and if it gets much worse, the meltwater will back up under the shingles to come inside. So far this has not happened.

And amazingly enough, this glacier got even worse after I shoveled off that half yard of snow from the garage roof. Ah well, and people wonder why I don't have time to finish their armours! Just surviving in this horrid climate is trouble enough!

Oh, and this week we graduated two courses at the College, a Basic and and Advanced which were running in parallel streams have graduated, and have now come together in an Advanced class which will run for another 8 weeks.


justagirl said...

OMG that makes me want to bawl my eyes out. Why do you live there???????

STAG said...


Its not so bad. The crocuses are down there somewhere!

justagirl said...

Yes, yes, but STILL!

cv said...


But, still you can have all of it.

I'll take my grey rainy Seattle and a view of snow.


Anonymous said...

let's hear it for Ottawa!!!!
And the loudest Bronxiest cheer you can imagine!

Let's all move to the ocean.

By the way, Sarah couldn't see why I was so happy about your posting my photos. She said I could have a blog and do it myself.