Tuesday, March 11, 2008

March snow

After the snow storm.
During the snowstorm. We got 52 centimeters of snow in one weekend.

The snow drifts even covered my cheap garage!

The sidewalk snow plow doesn't even TRY to keep the stuff off my driveway! Here he has put up a two foot ridge of snow from the sidewalk.

I cannot even see over that ridge of snow the plow made.

The drifts just keep on drifting! Here is a perfect mould of the door in the snow drift. Not very often I have to start shoveling from INSIDE the house.

And I hear there is another on its way. Surprisingly enough, even with the 4 meters of snow on the ground, (more than 12 feet) this is not a record. We are all wondering if trying to achieve a record is really a good thing.....

At least with global warming, the weather has been absolutely wonderful. Just below freezing, not a lot of melting slush. I think I'll dig out my snow shoes today and see how the rest of the estate is holding up.

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