Saturday, March 29, 2008


My poor unfinished second story deck, looks like it is supporting the snow without difficulty!

Gilbert Gargoyle, trying to not see the snow which is almost up to his perch.

Spring must exist somewhere. Not here though. The snow on the roof came down with such violence a month or so ago that it went through a window. A lot of the snow that you see in the above pictures has been carefully stacked against said windows to prevent any more damage. So it looks a little worse than it is. The snow is so deep that the frost has come out of the ground, and so there is a sea of mud under all this.

Hmmmfh. Insult to injury!

On the other hand, the sap is flowing in the maple trees, and the sugar bush is open for business. Mmmmmmm....maple taffee on the snow!


Nam Prik said...


cv said...

The signs of global warming are incontrovertable!

Sweeti said...

It's not spring here either Burrrrr! It's been snowing, freezing rain, blowing and raining for a week straight. Tomorrow maybe some sunshine.
The Mr says hi, Were getting ready for the knife show so he has me working long hours right now, Damn Slave driver....LOL

STAG said...

Hope your knife show goes well...I got tired of the show circuit after 12 years on the road every summer. It is made only bearable by my dear wife. She who hates traveling! We are down to two shows a year now, both are only one weekend each.
Tell your Mr. that I said hi, and "Better him than me!"

justagirl said...

Gilbert, I feel ya, buddy!!! I think the snow has finally left Ohio for least it better be gone for good. Had quite enough, thank you. No where near what you guys had, though. Seriously, I wouldn't last a single winter in that.

Pacific College Mom said...

Geez, Stag, you are not kidding about being snowed in! And on, and under...

We moved into a new house this past weekend, right on the ocean. And I thought it was cold here! You always seem to manage to keep things in perspective, eh?
Stay warm! Winks and grins, Ann