Wednesday, June 09, 2010

Parks Canada

During the "Doors Open" event here in Ottawa last weekend, one of the places we got a chance to visit was the Parks Canada archaeology rooms. The lady above is a scientist, and she is showing a re-build of a turn of the century collection made by the curator from an old fort out west. The collection of buttons, shako badges, flints and assorted thing were looking really thread bare, and so they re-mounted it all. After de-rusting and stabilizing the collection of course.

The boot they dragged up off the bottom of the St. Lawrence looks ready to wear! But it is nearly 300 years old, and has undergone some fairly extensive restoration.

Above is another one. Click on the images to see them a bit bigger.

Above is one of the scientists who is showing off a cup that was found in a wrecked ship that was lost in a raid on Quebec City during King Philip's War.
Below is a drawing of the ship, and the archaeology which was available. The picture on the table is the grid site map.

The public is not generally allowed to see what goes in the back rooms of places like this, and I feel that it was a special privilege to get the chance.


Middle Child said...

How odd to realise that shoes and mugs, because they are utilitarian look much the same - over the hundreds of years...I know you can't touch them but i always want to touch these sorts of things - touching someonthing someone else wore hundreds of years ago - thats something else

Pacific College Mom said...

Thanks so much for giving us common folk the chance to see things we might otherwise ever get a chance to see! Especially those of us here in the US. Really great photos!

STAG said...

Hmmm. King Phillip's War is sort of overlooked, yet it IS part of US history.

Canada has one which is universally overlooked as well...our civil war between Quebec and France.

Also, I urge you to check out two great Canadian men, Charles Le Moyne, and Pierre le Moyne d'Iberville.
Pierre is more famous down south since he was the fella who founded Louisianna.

STAG said...

Hmmm...blogger does not seem to recognize the "apostrophe", and has rendered it in the above comment as a "per cent" sign. Go figure.