Tuesday, November 27, 2012

In Flanders Fields

No, I am not getting mopey and depressing.  Its just that I found this song you see and wanted to share it with you all.  Judy will like it...it has a nice C and W lilt to it. 
(Love your pics of the snow BTW....we got a couple of centimeters here, just in time for my visitor from New Zealand to play in it. 
      Anyway....this is written by a school teacher who wanted to sing the famous old poem instead of the kind of out of synch chant we usually get.  That teacher's name is James MacMurray, and he is an elementary school teacher in Toronto.


Not to be out done, Roland Majeau has pointed out WHY we signed on.  No glory.   Well, maybe a little flag waving.  .  ....   The Soldier Cries  Oh Canada, we'll gladly go and fight for thee...And the young men cry Oh Canada, we'll fight to keep you free.

The Canadian attitude has always been that its a job.  A good, worthwhile job, and somebody has to do it. 


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Judy said...

Bill, both of them are great videos! Thank you!
And thanks for your comments about my snow photos!