Friday, November 16, 2012

Marco Tempest

Marco Tempest is a card illlusionist and a computer guy.  Here, in this video, he puts the two passions together.  It is worth copying the link above and watching his talk.  He is such a "gee whiz, isn't this kuul" sort of guy.

Did you know that if you add up all the spots on a deck of playing cards, you get 365 spots?  That the four suits correspond with the four seasons, and that the 26 cards of each colour equal a lunar month?  
     Ah well, now you know.

And some of the monthly scenes from the Duc Du Berry's book of hours.  This is, from the top  November, December and October.  Seemed to go with the TED talk.


Judy said...

C'mon, Bill! Did you never hear the recording of Deck of Cards that was big in country music circles when we were young (not that we are old now, mind!)? I think it was Jimmy Dean, but I may be wrong. The deck of cards served as his Bible, and almanac.

Middle Child said...

so there is so much more to the things we think of as games