Saturday, November 03, 2012

Working at Valve

Cerelian Bill wished he was smart enough to work at Valve.

Yeah, the guys who created "half life" and "portal".  (and if you don't know what they are, is your friend!)

Modest son of a gun!  I think anyone "could" work at Valve, but it would take a VERY difficult fusion of flakey artist and hard headed business man.  Because the nature of the company is that everybody does it all....and there is NO top down direction.  Basically the business model of the VERY successful game design corporation throws it all on the guys in the trenches. 

Go ahead and waste fifteen minutes reading the book you get when you join Valve.  Makes me seriously think about changing the business model on MY second thought the only thing which would make sense would be to immediately fire ME.

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Pacific College Mom said...

being the boss does have the perks with the headaches, but at least if you do it all, you have no one else to share the wealth with.