Friday, May 18, 2007


European Keyboard. grr. Mispellings are the fault of people who dont know what a qerty keyboard looks like.
Long flight; but not as miserable as it has been in the past. I actually slept through most of it. But, I DID manage to get done a lot of things on my list. Vistited my uncle Bill s grave in Holland, and the spot on the Albert Canal where he died. The story is pretty fascinating...turns out my uncle was a hero. When I get back I ll share it with you all.
Then the tour to Passendale. First gas attack, thousands of Canadians died. thirty five for every square meter in that miserable valley. Got to listen to the sunset ceremony at the Menin Gate. Quite has been going every day at sunset since 1938.
Discovered I like Amstel Beer; Yper beer; and Genever. Good stuff:::no hangovers.

Well off to Rome; I ll see if I can download some pictures there.


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Jennifer said...

I can’t wait to hear Uncle Bill’s story!