Tuesday, May 29, 2007

Ostia Antica in the rain

As usual, when we decide to do a day outdoors, the heavens open up! Brenda was soaked through almost immediately, but my raincoat worked just fine! It was worth the crazy weather though to see the remains of a Roman city which had been abandoned since the 6th century. Fifteen hundred years of time did it no favors, but fortunately, it was covered up pretty good by blowing beach sand, and was extensively excavated in the 1930's til now. Fresoes in situe, msaics all over the place! Five different baths, a cathedral dating from the fourth century, and 3 temples devoted to Mythras. Lots of tenement apartment buildings, and of course, plenty of houses lived in by the mucky mucks.
My feet have not forgiven me for walking on original Roman pavement for ten hours. Just glad I didn't turn an ankle. People have told me that it is better than Pompii, and having been to both, I believe it! Okay, there are SOME things that Pompii does better...they have the Villa of the Mysteries after all, and its very own gladitorial arena. If Ostia Antica has an arena, it is still under the fields full of poppies.
The museum there is full of statuary, mostly from the tombs that lined the roads leading into the city. Lots of wealthy people lived there in the day! And they liked to be remembered. Coming home on the tramway was a fellow who was the spitting image of one of the statues in the museum. Curly hair, bumpy nose and all!

Well, enough of this. Can't wait to illustrate all these blog entries with the what...250 pictures we have taken since we arrived in Rome!

Bill and Brenda

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