Wednesday, May 30, 2007

Hadrian's Villa

The day started with a gorgous blue sky, and cool. Perfect for another outdoor adventure. So, we went to Hdrian's Villa in Tivoli. The day did not start well...I suspect a breakfast would have improved my mood, but the snack bar and gift shop were outside the turnstile. And there were no in-out priveledges. So I did the whole 5 kilometer site on a bowl of corn flakes. Then it started to rain. We really MUST get around to purchasing umbrellas if we expect to do anything in this city!
Ah well, the good part is that we met a wonderful Australian couple who are working off the free weeks they got when they bought their time share...some 12 weeks I think. What a summer they are having!
This site is the place where the Emperor hung his hat when he wasn't in Greece, or Egypt, or Syria, or whatever! That guy traveled a LOT! But, when he was home, he liked the fancy digs, and there was no doubt about it, he got that! Three separate bath complexes, several reflecting ponds, and statuary from all over the empire. The whole thing built over a basement complex which was for the about "upstairs-downstairs" division! There was a fabulous hotel for distinguished guests with a communal latrine with marble seats just so the guests could have company while they did their business. The Emperor himself had a little round villa right in the middle of the complex surrounded by a little moat....nothing like it anywhere in the world! Your choice of chapels for your choice of gods or dieties. All in all, a wonderous place. I am glad I went.
Then after a long hike to get the bus, a long bus ride back to Rome, we stopped at Termini for some supper, then home.
Hopefully, tomorrow, no rain!
Brenda and Bill

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