Tuesday, July 10, 2007

Bergen Op Zoom.....the town.
This is the main square of Bergen Op Zoom. A tiny little town in the Netherlands. It has the look of being re-built, but maybe thats just because the Dutch are just so amazingly clean and tidy, always washing their bicycles and store fronts.

I would make a bet that this coat of arms dates back to sometime in the Middle Ages though! Its really neat!

A statue in front of the courthouse. As you can see, justice is not blind at all! Well of course not, this is Holland!

The old town is off limits to cars, and is cobbled throughout. Nothing special in the shops, but it was kind of nice to see stuff that isn't all touristy.
And full of drop dead gorgeous Dutch girls. Not that I was noticing you understand, ...

The cathedral lowering over the downtown like an evil presence. I thought the windows on the face had a sort of "Adam's Family" look to them. No doubt it was a fairly normal church inside, but of course, the door was locked.

The main square again. A lot more colour on the buildings than you would find in Belgium.
Of course, I would never have got to this pretty little village if my uncle Bill was not buried in a cemetary only about a mile north of town. The sheer normal-ness was much needed after a visit, gave me a chance to calm down, and get my head back together.

more tomorrow

Bergen Op Zoom


frustrated writer said...

Nice pics and what a quaint town.

Anonymous said...

Oh no, you weren't noticing at all.... lol!