Tuesday, July 24, 2007

More Hall Costumes

The three hundred and one...well, a Klingon WOULD fit right in would he not?
Unhhhh Unhhhh Unhhhhh

Again, not sure this IS a costume. I think that is his uniform. He was there to clean out the pipes I think.

Hair dye is your friend. As are spray on abs...

I think Brenda is hanging out with some odd company. I mean, besides me that is...
Kay-Liss. Kay-Liss. Kay-Liss!

A predator on the prowl. Some of his armour slipped, and you can clearly see his genitalia...looks remarkably like a foot!

On old friend.
And a new friend.
This is Bill, getting a most unfortunate view of the RoboCop.

So a Klingon is drilling a hole in the ice seeking fish when a voice comes from above saying in deep ringing voice "There's No Fish There". The Klingon looks around, sees nobody, and moves along a few meters and starts drilling again. And again, a deep booming voice echoes over his head "There's No Fish There!". So the Klingon moves a few yards away from the second hole and starts to drill, and again, the deep voice sounds from above, "THERE'S NO FISH THERE!!!". The Klingon throws down his ice auger and yells upwards, "Who Is This? Kayliss, the Klingon God?"

"NO" comes the booming voice again, "THIS IS THE RINK MANAGER. THERE'S NO FISH THERE".

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Pacific College Mom said...

The Comic Con is being held this weekend in San Diego, about an 18 hour drive from here, and my daughter wanted to go in the worst way, but her nasty old mother was the voice of reason and convinced her we couldn't go. I really feel bad because she's been working all summer, and still hasn't done anything for her vacation... Gotta think of something fun for her!!!