Wednesday, July 04, 2007

Vintage Passendaele Pics

click on these images to enlarge. This was Arthur Currie's idea, make duck boards to float on the mud. Some were so big that artillery could roll on them. Unfortunately, the German artillery could see them too, and when you walked on these slippery sidewaks, you were exposed to shrapnel and sniper fire. What is it about Canadians and muddy battlefields?

This is the little village in yesterday's post. Before and after. This was the result of Canadian artillery, so it was no pic nic for the Germans either.

Mud, mud, glorious mud!

Tomorrow, I'll post something a little more cheerful. But for noe, my hat is off to these remarkable soldiers.


Anonymous said...

Wow, that before and after photo is startling. The picture of the duck board bridge reminds me of a scene in Saving Private Ryan.

STAG said...

SPR is a VERY emotional movie.

Audie Murphie's movie "To Hell and Back" dealt with the same action, and was real, as was Audie Murphy. I recommend it as a low budget but bang on movie.

frustrated writer said...

I just got back from visiting the Audie Murphy museum outside of Greenville, TX. Such a small man with a big heart and courage to match his heart. So many soldiers died in WWII because of administrative goofs or sheer political posturing (the movie A Bridge Too Far comes to mind). Sobering pics, great post.