Monday, July 23, 2007

Polaris "Star Trek" Convention

The Polaris Convention is a re-named, re-invented version of "Toronto Trek" After what, 20 years, they decided that Star Trek was simply not the be all and end all it was when Bill Shatner had hair. And when Nicelle Nichols was cute. The fans are still here however, many of them 20 years older, and 20 kilograms heavier. Hall costumes are pretty cool at the convention. When all else fails a visit to the local Army Surplus Store and you can maybe find something that looks sort of "Star Gate Like".
Or you can meet Klingons.
Actually I think he looks pretty good.
Adam was there with his latest tour de force...the jacket and gloves from the up coming movie "skin walker". He is STILL the best leather worker I know.
Trouble is, I don't thing these folks are in costume. I think they just sort of arrived here by boat.
With luck those are costumes. With MY luck, they are not.
Ahhh shucks, he has the heart of a small boy. He keeps it at home, in a jar, on his dresser....
Predators are pretty cool.
You been told dude!
And Zlanth, she is thinking of YOU!
Thats my table, and a rare picture of Brenda. The nice armour I made (behind the babe, on the left....) sold almost right away! I never sell more than one armour at an event, and always within the first hour of setting up!
Didn't do too badly at this show, got to meet a lot of old friends and aquaintances. We thought long and hard about doing it again, but there are bigger shows which might make us more money, make it more worth while to blow a weekend in the summer. But I like this is pleasant, comfortable, established, and unfortunately, dying on the vine. But who knows, it might turn around yet! It is still ten times the size of any other Science Fiction Convention in Ontario!

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Jennifer said...

That Alien costume is pretty boss!