Friday, January 25, 2008

Artifacts from the mary Rose

This is the great anchor being recovered from the bed of the Solent. click on the images to enlarge.

This cannon is a "stave" cannon...that is, it is made of long narrow bars of bronze bound together like a barrel. (I know, it looks like steel in the above pic, but guys...look at the steel in the anchor! This cannon is made from much more corrosion resistant material! They are really interesting since stave cannons are usually "breech loaded". The lion, of course, is an old old symbol of England.

Thus endeth the lesson for today.

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dracodraconis said...

Which reminds me, I wanted to send this link to you:

The writer is an archaeologist who has been covering the analysis of the Djurhamn sword; believed to be from the 16th century and excavated from the Djurhamn site in Sweden