Saturday, January 26, 2008

The Darwin Awards

For years, the Darwin Awards have been given to people whom we are most glad that they have successfully taken themselves out of the gene pool. The 2007 awards are being voted on now!

A sample of this year's entries...

An unnamed patient at the local clinic told my neighbor that he had serious internal injuries, including a ruptured eyeball, total hearing loss in one ear, and both legs amputated mid-thigh, as the result of a fishing accident. Also the man damaged both gonads, qualifying him for the Darwin Award.
He had been standing at the end of a dock with a bucket of dynamite, 2-inch chunks each fused and capped. He lit the fuse, cocked his arm for the throw, and dropped that chunk of dynamite into the bucket of dynamite.
Instantly recognizing the serious situation he was in, the man dove off the dock. But water is incompressible. It transferred the force of the explosion, in line with the blast, against his body.
One doctor was heard to remark that it was good that this patient had lost his balls, as it removed him from the gene pool.

And then there is the remarkable case of the Iraqi insurgents who stole the brass from the anti-tank shells. With hammer and chisel. While smoking.

Ya just gotta read 'em and weep!

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