Tuesday, January 15, 2008

Prague in May...sigh....

A little panorama...This is a square in Prague. Don't know what name it is, or what random churches are represented....I just found the panorama to be quite restful on the eyes. What you don't hear is the jazz music coming from the church on the left, being advertised aggressively by the prettiest girls they could find to hold the banner.
Above is the same scene, but a bit to the left of the top pic. I love the sailor leaning up against the lamp post....he looks like he stepped out of n Ingmar Bergman film.

And as we draw back a big and look a little more to the left, we see the sun illuminating a statue of a saint. Probably St. Wenceslas...looking out on his fields crisp and even. Actually, snow is now a not so fond memory since this is May, the time of Spring and in a week or so there will be flowers everywhere!

I don't know how old this entrance to a cathedral garden is...I am betting that it dates back to the Vikings!

Heck, those flat tiles in the arches!....they might even be salvaged from Roman buildings! Anyway, its been here a spell. The paving stones in front of this entrance show considerable wear from centuries of people going in and out of this building.

These pictures are a lot nicer when you click to enlarge them.


Gucci Muse said...

Very beautiful photos-and I do like the leaning sailor.

justagirl said...

I was thinking the exact same thing about that sailor before you said it! Or before I read it… Ah, May! I long for May. Beautiful pictures.