Saturday, January 19, 2008

Blogs are vanishing!

I was on another blog t'other day and it was a "writer's" blog. That is to say, the author was using her blog as a sounding board for snippets of writing, character development, that sort of thing. I don't think a blog is the perfect thing for that since one rarely gets truly critical feedback, but because of the archival nature of blogger, it is useful to organize these things, rather like filing recipes. This archival nature is what distinguishes the web log from the ICQ, or any facebook style social networking site.

What little writing I have done, I believe should follow certain laid down an outline, creating the introduction, develop the back story, create conflict, resolution and a satisfactory denoument. Then of course, as Mozart said, all thats left is scribbling! Blogs, of course, are none of the above!

I have used, and shall continue to use my blogs as places to tell jokes, rant, and discuss armour making. All in a manner reminiscient of filing recipes, or maybe, scrap booking. And the world shall continue to be etched onto this blog! I shall continue to resist what my friend called "crack book".


cv said...

I think a blog is a conversation you have kind of with yourself, and you invite other people along for the ride.

It's like an open diary.

barkingspace said...

In any case, the level of committment that you place on your writing will reflect the level of readership.


Does that even make sense?

Your blog is good B-man. Keep it up.

STAG said...

Well Barking, my level of committment is that I shall update one of my three blogs every day, maybe sometimes two. I have kept this pace up for, what...three years now, and my archives are getting REALLY crowded.

Of course, on THIS blog, I would rather just tell a joke than try to piss people off....I have a rant blog which is sort of designed for that purpose. But I don't really go into the day to day minutae of my life like some folks do (4th Avenue Blues comes to mind)....but when I do cool stuff, I like to crow about it.

STAG said...

CV, I kind of like your analogy, a conversation with myself.

About cool stuff, I hope.

Captain Placeholder said...

A lot of people feel that Facebook is a replacement for blogs. It couldn't be further from the truth.

Facebook is good at what it does. It allows you to keep up to date with friends and family easily, and allows them to keep up to date with you. It enables you to find old classmates, people with common interests, etc.. Its a great way of sharing photos -- you can restrict them so only your friends can see them.

Instant messengers have their niche too. They make actual voice, or voice/video communications easy. Like text messages on a cellphone, they're great for sending a one liner. Any situation where you have to collaborate is going to be easier using this medium.

In fact instant messenging technology has gone from being the latest fad, to being incorporated into the workplace! My own place of work spent forever blocking these IM technologies. Now they're working on getting people in the department to use it with each other!

I won't bother with a discourse on blogs, because you've already done that quite eloquently yourself Stag, and you covered all the bases. :D

So essentially, I feel they all cover their needs. I've even seen people merge and leverage all these technologies together. Like for example, plugging your blog into your Facebook -- when you post a new blog, it sends a notify to your Facebook, which then notifies your friends, so they know when to see your new posts. (Yes, I realize RSS does this just as well, but for non-techies its way easier doing it through Facebook).

I'm glad you plan on sticking around for the long haul Stag!

STAG said...

I totally enjoyed your blog Zlanth, why did you decide to let is slide into dis-use?

And it is not I who is eloquent here...this post was quite disjointed....actually, badly edited since I cruelly slashed about three quarters of it away, and you said what I was supposed to say in the first place. Thank you.