Wednesday, February 13, 2008

Ice Sculptures

click on these images to see them full size. Its worth the effort!
The poor things were melting in the sunlight! The result was that the crystal clear ice started to orange peel and alligator, and projecting details would fall away. Like the hoofs on the unicorn above!

This little fella is suffering from serious melt-itus! But hey, its the nature of an ephermeral art form.

The sculptures in the gallery seemed to hold up better....the sun wasn't turning them into water. Not quite sure why the sun is so nasty on ice sculpture, i mean, besides the obvious. Snow sculptures right beside them were just fine. My theory is that the sun gets "inside" the ice, focusing the beams like a lens, causing hot spots inside the ice sculptures.


Ms.L said...

Those are beautiful!
We have a carving contest in a northern town here(BC) that I'd love to go to one day..

cv said...