Tuesday, February 26, 2008

Weekend! Yaay!

Okay, its Tuesday. but that is MY weekend...since I work every other day of the week. And will probably we working today too! But a morning blogging and drinking Neaplitan coffee and eating Brenda's fresh baked cinnamon buns has got to count as a good day. And as I type this, I am looking out the window at yet another snowfall. We seem to be on the path to a record snowfall, at well over 9 feet of snow now, we are tied with the great winter of '76 when I was part of a crew that recovered the 707 from a snowbank on the end of the runway. (A long story, involving a drunken cabinet minister, a pilot who didn't want to go, but was ordered directly by the cabinet minister, and a wet mess full of slightly inebriated airmen who had nowhere else to go. Like I said, a long story. I'll have to work it up and make it presentable. Maybe someday, after the cabinet minister has died.)

Found a really neat blog...a brazilian blog which is all about denim. Jeans, shoes, and all things fashion. That "skinny leg" for guys fashion has GOT to go! It just looks stoooopid. Thought Jennifer would like the shoes though. http://jeanswear.blogspot.com/
The Petch house renovation is on hold (In Arcata California) while owner Greg recovers from a massive reperatory illness. A stroll through the archives will be well worth the trouble...http://petchhouse.blogspot.com/
Cubeguy is still posting regularly in his 6 month delay blog. http://8thfloorcube.blogspot.com/ He is my kind of guy. I think the 6 month delay is a good idea, gives him a little distance from the weirdness which is the life of an IT trainer for the US court system.
Of course, Post Secret is "still" creepy. http://postsecret.blogspot.com/
and the marines are still on duty here...http://akinoluna.blogspot.com/

Well, enough of that...Brenda has some things for me to do. Lets get at 'em. They usually involve fresh cinnamon buns at the end of it all....grin!

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Jennifer said...

mmmm cinnamon buns