Tuesday, February 12, 2008


click to enlarge. This is a picture looking north up the street from my house. You get an idea of the amount of snow we have had this winter. I believe it might be a record year, but to be honest, I remember growing up with easily this much snow every year. Ottawa is in a snow belt, and we get MUCH more snow than Toronto. I think we get a bit more than Buffalo New York as well, though it is a little hard to tell....those Yankees are pretty stoic about it, not always bitchin like us Canucks. I believe that we topped 9 feet of snow yesterday. Good thing it mostly scrunches down.

Every year we hold a festival here called "winterlude". The last few years have have had massivly bad luck....there is normally at least one, sometimes two big thaws in the middle of winter, and Winterlude has become "waterlude". The weather this time was perfect, not too cold, only a couple of degrees below freezing.

The fella in the above two pictures is a world class "musher". He is famous for being able to use his long sealskin whip to apply a little gentle correction to whichever dog in the long string needs it most! On this day, he was taking cigarettes out of people's mouths, and snapping empty pop cans into waste bins. I want him on MY side.

Little inukshuks made by the kids. This was a contest. I think they are pretty good.

And a real inukshuk. This one is huge....I could walk under the arch with only a little duck of the head! Must be a trick of the lighting, but the "head" looks like it has an eye and a satisfied smirk on it.

(and yeah, these are all my pictures....grin!)

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