Monday, February 04, 2008


click on these pictures to see them enlarged. I don't think I have ever seen evergreen trees made of sand before.
Ian on a good day.

This seems very Lord of the Rings. the blasted tree and all that.

Don't kiss that man, you don't know where he has been!

These guys just look like they are having fun!

Bud wise errrr
The castle at the top, but seen from a different angle.

Looks almost cozy.

A roof made from meadow muffins. Riiiiight!


justagirl said...

Every time you post these sand pictures I am just blown away. So incredible! That castle with trees is just amazing.

cv said...

They have 'Sand Castle Days' where my mom lives every October I think, and the work is just spectacular.

Pacific College Mom said...

Me, too, they are so beautiful! And to think that in a few hours they are completely gone, save for the photos...