Thursday, June 26, 2008

Beechwood Cemetary

On a fine day last May, I visited Beechwood Cemetary with Brenda, and saw these nice plaques. I am surprised that nobody has pried them off to sell for scrap metal yet!

Below is a stone at the entrance to the military portion of the cemetary.

Below is an honest to gosh battle tank brought back after the unpleantness of Europe in 1945. The tulips are supplied by the Dutch government in perpetuity in thanks for their liberation.

The plaque on the tank. If you enlarge this pic, you "should" be able to read it.

And below is the plaque at the entrance to the military cemetary. And thats probably me in the background, still above ground.

It was a pretty day....getting on towards dusk. The crab apple and cherry trees were in full bloom, the lilacs were perfuming the air, and we were the only ones there. That is, the only ones alive. And no, it wasn't spooky....rather cozy, like a well kept garden, or a nice park.


Pacific College Mom said...

It looks like a lovely place, testiment to the respect your people have for the past. Did I ever tell you I lived in a cemetary for 10 years as a caretaker? There had to be an on-site person all the time because the kids would come and destroy the place at every opportunity prior to that. It is kinda sad, really... I have always found cemetaries to be peaceful places. Just funny that way, I guess.

STAG said...

I would love to live in Beechwood cemetary....and maybe someday I'll be a permanent resident. Could do worse than to spend eternity with these guys....grin!