Wednesday, June 11, 2008

Prague Armour

Because I am too hot and tired to actually MAKE any armour lately, and rather than post any of my own extensive collection of armour pictures, I decided to post some of Pierre's. I have been posting fairly extensively on my "armouring" blog....a blog in which I discuss armour, show off my work, and my student's work, and talk about the details which separate one armour from another. Needless to say, opinions are my own.

The above pic is of a landsknecht leiderhosen. I betcha it is NOT period to the late 1600's....the idea of fabric lasting this long, and certainly leather would not! But, it is a really neat costume piece, and I figure the seamstresses and tailors who follow my blog might find it more than a little interesting.

Click to enlarge, and visit my armouring blog.

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justagirl said...

I will have to get over there and check it out.