Tuesday, June 24, 2008

Stan Rogers

On this date, oh, a lifetime ago or so, I went to a concert at the Astrolab, here in Ottawa. The headliner was Stan Rogers, and his brother Garnet. A stunning concert, and my introduction to a Canadian legend. Sadly, Stan died in a plane fire only the next year, before I had time to get to know his music.

Surprisingly enough, Stan comes from Hamilton Ontario, not Nova Scotia! But his tunes are the sort of tunes one would expect from hard bitten, horny handed fishermen, salt of the earth small town folks, and beer drinking checked shirtted Canadians.

Tunes like "Make and Break Harbour" and "Barrett's Privateers" are still in my "shower singing repertoir" lo these many years later.

Please visit Stan Rogers web site....http://www.stanrogers.net/, and go to "ongoing legacy"; check out the beautiful music Chorleoni has made from these classic tunes. Chorleoni is a male choral ensemble, Their version of "Make and Break Harbour" brings tears to this old sojer's eyes, and is worth the visit.

(And Jennifer, check out Coyote Run's version of "Mary Ellen Carter", and see if it doesn't put a spring in your step. Play it loud!!!!)

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