Saturday, June 21, 2008

Ren Faire 2008

The Vikings next door.

Birds of Prey

Handsome Men and handsome horses.

Good looking rich folk. (note their rebellious teen age son in the tee shirt...grin!)

And me teaching some stuff in the safe area.


cv said...

Looks like a ball!

Pacific College Mom said...

I wanna play, too... Trouble is, I'd probably end up in the skulllery or the kitchen. That seems to be my lot in life~~~~

Ahhh, but it would still be fun! You look like you were having a great time, too!! Teaching the waifs to spar. Love the costume.

justagirl said...

AWESOME!! We don't have anyone fighting in chain mail at our fair. The knight on the horse looks exactly like ours! Is he the same guy??? That's really cool that you were giving instruction. COME TO OHIO!