Tuesday, December 09, 2008


The fall is when it is busiest around the Armoury....there is the harvest to bring in, windows to seal up. Screen doors to dismount and put away. This fall has been crazier than usual...there was no harvest since the feral rabbits around here cleared my garden. But the usual fall pumping of the septic tank uncovered a problem. A week of digging found the flattened pipe, and another week of digging uncovered several plugged runs. It wouldn't have been so bad but the cold was coming in fast. It was a case of being able to spade through the grass in the morning, and needing a pick by evening. I really wore myself out....and picked up the flue as a result. Well, no need for flue shots for me! Now, three weeks later, the larangytis is still keeping me whispering. And coughing.

I did get to the ballet last Thursday....and I found a place where I could cough without disturbing anybody. I have always wanted to see The Nutcracker", and the Royal Winnipeg Ballet did a fine job. This was classical ballet....not really my thing, but dammit, I never got to see it when I was a kid, and now was my chance. I'm glad I did. Now I can strike that one off my list! The music was good, and the girls were pretty. Brenda liked the men in tights, which makes her happy (and by extension, me happy).

I scored a nice job....to supply the swords for the "Rob Roy" Musical which is starting up in Toronto. All good looking, battle ready swords, not making much on the job, but very prestigious. I'll serialize them, and maybe polish up a couple of hilts to see how they look. And the local highland regiment dropped in (well, not the WHOLE regiment) to see how a nickel plating of their cap badges would look. They liked my sample, and so they are going to bring a hundred in. Looking forward to that job...not! Lots of buffing with masks and goggles. At least the electro plating is safe and quick. I'll try to show off some of that job on my "South Tower" blog.

Since I have been sick, I am not attending any of the parties and fetes which abound at this time of year. Not fair to expose people to my flue! So I have been spending most of my time in the shop, building armour. Lots to do....lots of orders. Got to love it!
We have decided to not have a wild and crazy party this new years eve. Oh well...perhaps one of my friends who reads this blog can suggest an alternate venue.
Oh, and the picture at the top...well, that was a little photoshop that Brenda's brother did a couple of years ago. I don't think I look too bad in horns....grin!

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Jennifer said...

I had the flu myself last week, thanks to all my sick coworkers bringing their germs into the office. So good on ya for staying home from those parties, as sad as it is. So glad the ballet has brought you some work!! That's fantastic. We used to take Noelle to see The Nutcracker every year when she was much smaller. I love the theater.