Wednesday, December 31, 2008

Village in Lights

Above...a sample of the village in lights. Below, an example of the product this working village creates. Yup, thats real knotted iron. droooolllll. And the gorgeous windsor chairs are made there as well. The carpet is, I believe, made to spec in Montreal.
The house, Crysler House, was moved to this site when they flooded the St. Lawrence River to create the St. Lawrence Seaway.

Last night, Alison and Ian drove us to Morrisburg to see the village of lights. Upper Canada Village (an 1867 re-enactment village) throws period re-enactment to the winds, and covers themselves with thousands of christmas lights. The re-enactors are not there of course, school is not "in", the sawmill is silent, but the church was rockin with carolers, and all the buildings were picked out in coloured lights. It was sort of magical.
That combined with a remarkably good meal in Morrisburg made for an excellent evening. The cook wants to do "fine dining", however I am not quite sure what that means. He is Indian, and makes a wonderful tandoori. Thats fine enough for me!
Happy New Year everybody..........

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Jennifer said...

Very cool! That's neat to have a whole re-enactment village.