Monday, December 15, 2008

Monday morning blues

Just got back from Toronto...10 hours driving to deliver some swords to a production company. Not making much money on this project, but it is kind of nice to see the people who are receiving the stuff. It should be interesting to see the eventual result. Nice way to spend a Sunday. There seem to be a lot of rest stops which are closed and undergoing renovation.

It has, for some reason, gone way above freezing around here. The foot or so of snow we had is melting like crazy. Water everywhere. Its kind of cute watching the high school kids soaking their feet in the puddles. Only the guys though....the girls are all wearing boots, and don't have the problem the "cool" guys have. High school boys....proof of serial evolution.

This "warm weather" will only be for one day...I understand that Ottawa is going to become a skating rink tonight. The sump pump is cycling on and off pretty regularly. Thats a good sign.

And Brenda is trying to figure out how to create PDF files. Hmmm. Brenda on computer. I think I'll just step away from the work station and go into the shop before the fireworks start.

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Jennifer said...

The snow/freezing rain is supposed to start next hour here and continue through the night. I'd much prefer the snow to the freezing rain. See my blog for more of my thoughts on winter.....