Thursday, December 11, 2008

Kuul inventions

I have been busy making can see a representative selection of it on my other blog... And that pretty much describes what I have been doing for 12 hours a day this week! Hope I can get it all done before Christmas. Well, that and surfing the web looking for new and interesting Christmas Gift Ideas! I have put up a sampling here...maybe some more tomorrow.

It should be interesting this week...there is a transit strike, and more than one of my wonderful friends is stuck for a way to get to and from work. Oh maan....that is only one drawback to the use of public transit! It means that there has to be some inventive ways to get around.
Of course, when not traveling, a cup of tea might be in order. Above is a toaster which also brews up a nice cup of tea.

And who can not relate to singing in the shower!

I am sure I have seen these for sale at my local dollar store!

Above is a double pourer. I am not quite sure why this is so cool. But it IS!

This just misses the boat. Mind you, I know lots of people that like a nice firm mattress. I don't think four corner posts replaces a box spring. Of course, it would be a lot lighter and easier to move.
Well, time to get back into my shop. Try to get some nice pics of all the armour which has been flowing out from under my hammer this week.

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Jennifer said...

I love the glass with the finger imprints!