Thursday, June 25, 2009

Mortage slashing

Well, this is Yusef, and of course, we are not going to burn the mortage, we are going to slash it with swords!
Burned, slashed, soaked, and mutilated.

Watermelons are nice on a hot day. Make a nice touch of colour.

On July first, our mortage is finished. I don't regard this with the joy that so many others seem to feel. Now its mine instead of the Banks' property, so I guess I had better get cracking on fixing it up. I suspect the money I have been putting into the mortage will simply now be put into septic fields, roofs, decks and paint. Just a different pocket will get emptied, thats all.
I also liked the attention the bank paid to me....when my job situation would change, they would get nervous. I was never late and never missed a payment, yet they got so nervous when they found out that pretty much all my income came only during the summer months. It was kind of cute actually, they maintained a file on me, my business, my press releases, and all sorts of stuff. Oh well, I still owe them a serious debt of gratitude, (not for loaning me the money, that is their job,) but for making sure that the powers that be did not take me to the cleaners when I moved to Ottawa from my previous posting. It was their attention to detail which enabled me to keep the house when the "man" tried to change the terms of our compensation package when they closed the base behind me.


Middle Child said...

Glad to see the mortgage slashed...I wonder are the banks really pleased when you actually own your own house...after all they can't kick you out and sell it out from under you and that seems to be what they are doing a lot of these days...
Maintaining my place is the most expensive thing...and I read you have a septic system, as I, and tank water with all the cost savings, there is always the failure of the machinery to work...but wouldn't swap being out of town for Quids.

STAG said...

Gosh MC, you have a rare turn of phrase! Love ya!

Pacific College Mom said...

Congratulations! There is no better phrase in the whole world than MY OWN HOME. Yeah, it comes with all those little nags, but they were there anyway, weren't they? Now no one can take it away from you if you take a couple of months saving up for something to fix it up instead, eh? You will never be late on a payment again!!! Lucky man!