Tuesday, June 09, 2009

Sexy armour

Once in a while its just fun to try something different. So I asked Mr. Clyde Caldwell if I could make armour, based on his popular paintings. He said okay, so I am making some nice sexy armour.
This fantasy armour follows all the rules of fantasy illustration...the arrows only hit the shiny spots, a well turned ankle in high heels doesn't result in a badly turned ankle on the battlefield, swords are absurdly huge, perhaps because they are driven by magic, and the women who wear them all have more attitude than is strictly good for those around them.

Attitude. Thats a good thing right? Oh, and the disclaimer...this armour is most assuredly NOT SCA legal. Heck, it might be illegal in MOST jurisdictions....grin!

The whole story about making this armour is on my armouring blog http://southtowerarmouringguild.blogspot.com/ and after a day's puzzling, measuring, hammering, and wheeling, I came up with these. They have yet to be trimmed, and the wheel marks are still showing on the surface, but I am sorta okay with them. I am using this picture as a wallpaper on my computer....I like the composition, accidental as it might be. click on it to enlarge. illustration used by permission from clyde caldwell, copyright 2009.

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Pacific College Mom said...

Whatcha gonna do with the bowls? heeee. Sexy armour, eh? HMMMMMM, makes me wonder where your mind has been lately...

I'm sure it will be gorgeous armour, just like the rest of the work you do, just remember to pad the bowls! wink