Tuesday, June 16, 2009

renfaire in canada

the 2009 upper canada village renfaire. click on the images to enlarge... Above is beautiful young princess with her good buddy. the perfect date, doesn't talk back, empty headed, and abs like iron. like iron I tell ya!
Above is the gypsey, Barb B. Lovely people these gypsies. And if you look in the background, you can see the jousters.

here is Richard C. A renfaire actor, patron, worker, and in this case, King in Disguise. He also bakes cookies.

Princesses just seem to be attracted to the sharp stuff.

and here is one of a thousand snapshots of the South Tower Armouring Guild booth at the Upper Canada Renaissance Festival.
There are a some more pictures of this festival on my armouring blog site. http://southtowerarmouringguild.blogspot.com/


David said...

I have more shots from this event on my fotki account


So far I have only put up shots of the archers, dancers, and jousting.

- David

Cerulean Bill said...

See, now thats what I mean about how cool Canada can be. Kings that bake cookies -- awesome!

STAG said...

Thank you David. You are a prince.

Do you bake cookies?