Sunday, February 25, 2007

Ice, and Winterlude pictures

The pictures are marvelous...all the ones I WANTED to take but was too cold to do so! Thom has photodocumented all of Winterlude, the snow sculptures, the Lingerie contest (okay, NOT the lingerie contest...I was just trying to get Zlanth to go to his web site) . The one above is his, and clearly it is better than mine by a mile! So drop in, and tell 'im I sent ya!
Thank you Thom for thinking of me! Regards. And a cup o hot chocolate t'ye.
Winterlude is the great Ottawa mid winter has been going on for several years now, with ice skating on the Canal lending a sort of Hans Brinker attitude. There are always lots of huge snow sculptures...many of them as much as 15 feet high!, and of course, the gorgeous ice sculpture competition every year. Most years, we have a thaw at just the worst time, and we jokingly refer to it as "waterlude". A couple of years ago, they dropped a lot of the acts because the costs were rising too high...we called those years the "quaalude" years. Fortunately now we have lots of acts, lots of singers and dancers. And this year the weather was perfect...if you are an ice cube! The night I met Thom, it was pushing 30 below, and thats COLD! Even for a Canuck like me, it was cold! I had to switch from gloves to mittens.
(Oh, and I see the Senators just aced the Sabers 6 to 5. Right on! Go Sens! Woo hoo! Considering the issue was nearly in doubt there, with Buffalo scoring 4 goals in the first five minutes of the third period! Wake up Ottawa! Well, the did, and considering some funny goals they did okay. What do I mean by funny? Well, Emery was being hit from two sides by Buffalo players, and the puck sat on the red line. A Saber reached in, and hooked Emery's skate and knocked the puck in...just as whistle blew! We were all on the edge of our seats!)

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