Saturday, February 24, 2007

Mars Face closeups

click on these images to enlarge.
Top pic is the closer fly by. You can clearly see, all in a row, the "face", the "skull" and the Pyramid.
The middle picture is a side scan radar image of the "skull". Okay, its looking less skull-like. Fine.
The bottom picture is a computer built image from side scan radar. About as close as we are going to get without actually going there ourselves. And gee..look at that! No longer a "face" but rather a "mesa". Well, Well, Well. Not really the "face of Jesus" that we sort of wanted to see!
I didn't get to see a side scan picture of the pyramid. Maybe because "they" don't want me to see that it really IS a pyramid built by space faring ancient Egyptians.
Well, this is just what interested me this fine day. Thanks all for dropping in! Tomorrow I'll be discussing the Bermuda Triangle. If you look at the arrangements of the mountains in the top picture, it bears an uncanny resemblace to the Carribean Islands which make up the Bermuda Triangle. You heard it here first!


Jennifer said...

The bottom pic of the skull reminds me a little of Herod's Temple. Hmmm....

STAG said...

You mean Masada?