Thursday, August 30, 2007

One of the 365 churches in Rome

This was a church which was placed (more or less) on the site of the Emperor Nero's grave. Apparently it was haunted, so they figured a church would fix the problem. The above sculpture by Bernini has a bas relief of Nero's tomb in behind it.
The odor of sanctity. Pretty small church all in all. Though it is open all the time, and there are always people praying in the little chapels along the sides.

It doesn't look all that impressive from the outside. But then, that's the Roman way to do things...either its a honkin great monument, or they keep it all inside. You can tall the tourists, women with bare arms, men with puzzled looks and maps.

What can I say? Sculpture and architecture by Bernini, art work by Carvaggio. My goodness! Names which rank up there with the best! The list of men involved in the building of this church read like a who's who of the Renaissance!

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