Thursday, August 02, 2007


Click on these images to enlarge. Last Thursday, the local cable channel dropped in to do a story on me. Well, I suspect not so much a story as a little filler they can use to fill in a moment of time in lieu of advertising revenue. This is me fighting the camera. A very brave camera man!
Another fight with the camera.
Bill showing off his battle sword. Crikey, I have GOT to get new shirts, these are washed into a sort of dull grey instead of their proper black! Does this shirt make me look fat. No, Bill, its your fat that makes you look fat! Hey wait, the camera adds ten pounds doesn't it?

And a rare view of the camera crew at work.
Imagine, all that time and energy just to get one minute of footage! James (the fellow on the far right in the above picture, has been here before...last time I put him into armour. This time, he wanted to stay totally out of the whole thing, and to make sure, he dressed down on purpose.

Rare to find a more sympathetic and solid journalist. I catch him on the cable channel quite regularly, and he gets the stories that matter to people. I hope I did not disappoint.

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kimberly said...

Are they still coming to class tomorrow to shoot too?

Lorne has a new sword to show off to you!