Friday, August 24, 2007

Dave's Armour

Mr Big and Tall armour makers at your service!

Dave is six foot ten, and wants to be married in a suit of armour. This is what I made for him. Here I am, adjusting his front strap.
The faulds have been trimmed away since this picture was taken, and the tassets seem to look a little less like an afterthought. Thats his princess in the picture above!
I think it is too high up under his arms, but the trooper that he is, he figures it is just fine. Good thing too since it is NOT an easy fix! It does fit a bit better when the straps are all tightened in back...which they are not in this pic. Failure to tighten up the straps results in gaps in front. You can see his red shirt in those gaps. They closed up just fine after I pulled it in a notch or two in back.

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kimberly said...

Good pics! I would love to see some of the finished product after. It was amazing to see how it was too big for Lorne... LOL

Ovonia Red said...

That is one big boy.

Pacific College Mom said...

Boy, you do have a repertoire of patrons, don't ya? And I thought I was a large economy-sized person at 6 foot meself...
Can't wait to see the finished work.

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