Wednesday, August 15, 2007


These are the main doors to the church Santa Maria Majorae. It is a pretty big pile, and for several centuries, before the Vatican was properly finished up, it was the place where the Pope hung his hat. Very impressive, and one of three places in Rome which is actually not Italian territory, but rather, Vatican City territory. The marble came from the baths of Diocletian just up the road, and the doors were the main doors to the Roman Senate. So these doors are more than two thousand years old.

Up close, I think they are showing their age!

I just love these doors...huge old things that just keep going and going and going! The locks are modern, only six hundred years old, and the door handle is from the Renaissance, say, 1600s.


Jennifer said...

Those are absolutely beautiful. I love how you say the locks are modern, which they sure are by comparison! It just really highlights how new the architecture at home is.

Bill said...

Anybody can travel. It just takes the desire to leave it all behind, and just go and DO it. It also helps to do your research.