Saturday, September 22, 2007

Brenda's Birthday Tournament

The balloons are in honour of Brenda's birthday. This tournament is one of two we hold every summer, one for MY birthday in August, and another for Brenda's B'Day in September. Dan for some reason doesn't like helmets. He likes that nice fencing mask. Lots of visibility, lots of breathability, and zero protection for the side, back and top. When he got a cut on the top of his head later on, I think he started to re-think this "low armour" thing.

Katherine has not had a chance to build a helm either, so she sticks to a hockey helmet. Which will do for awhile anyway.
Lorne loves this whole idea of armoured fighting. He build himself a chain maille shirt, and a rather interesting hood which fits over the eye protection. Looks a little odd, but least nobody is going to lose an eye.
And there is the birthday girl watching they guys fight. I am trying to keep order with a little white stick. I understand a white cane is the universal symbol of being blind, and since I am the referee, a white stick might well be appropriate as well.

The balloons make a nice touch!

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kimberly said...

Good action shots! :)