Wednesday, September 05, 2007

Festival Life, 2004

Tattoos. The "carpet" tattoos were just becoming popular.

Some of them are pretty elaborate. This is when Kat Van D. was in juniour school! And Rob looks his usual photogenic self here.

Really cool coif, a copper stripe circling it. In the background is my little hobbit door, a remnant of my first booth way back in the Orangeville days, what, 13 years ago!

This is Ashley and her new toy. I was so torn about hiring her because she was so NOT comptetent, but at the same time, was so attractive. And when she bought that leather bustier, I had NO difficulty attracting men onto my deck. I eventually decided that the swords and knives attracted the men just fine, thank you.
But her picture is still pretty clickable!

And the drummers. They were really neat, but they did not put on the same kind of show as the great Kodo drummers of Japan! These guys had to do it all with talent instead of good looks.

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