Sunday, September 02, 2007

Four Years ago Today

Happy Customers
Good neighbours.
This is David E. The sign beside him states that "unattended children will be sold as slaves". He runs a booth full of musical instruments, so I can see the temptation.

My "crew".
And this is how it looked. A little charming, a little ragged, all in all, a really nice little sales booth! You can see how the decks wrap all around the back...and in fact the front is not a sales area at all! That is totally different from the usual "sales booth" paradigm. In fact, in a year or two, I was going to run a deck in front as well.
Speaking of are Dave's Angels.

Thats it sir, head down, feet shoulder width apart, address the ball, ...

And mom is watching her daughter VERY closely! We never sold knives to kids under eighteen, but I never had much problem with them looking. As long as a parent was right there!

This was the "pub side" of the booth, the south side. It got all the sun, so we put up umbrellas. This was before we finished hinging the window covers, and we just stacked them across the bottom of the deck, under the bottom rail. Seemed to work.

At one point, the people at the music booth took one of my battle ready swords, and I took one of their harps in a little contest to see if we could sell each other's "stuff". Good fun. They put ribbons all over my sword, and I tried to see if the harp could be used as a weapon. (Yeah, but only if I was playing and singing at the same time.)


Jennifer said...

ah . . . good times :)

I would have liked to have seen your sword all beribboned like a tambourine!

Bill said...

I don't think I HAVE a picture of you at work Jen. I normally have end of season "group" pictures, and I don't think you made any of them.

Jennifer said...

I think I remember taking one with the folks from HoMT? Or maybe I was just really good and dodged out of shot before the pic was actually snapped ;) I AM a ninja, don't cha know!

Ovonia Red said...

Wow... I really miss the Ontario Renn Fest. I met some truly amazing folks there. I keep telling myself that one day I will settled down and get back into the whole Renn Fest thing (Uh, that is, I will settle down and become a Rennie?) Probably not, but it is nice to dream.

Anyway, I'm heading to the MD Renn Fest this weekend with a friend from Jersey. Should be fun.