Tuesday, September 04, 2007

THREE years ago today

This was the last year of the festival. We had just closed up, and were celebrating some quiet moments.

I think the upper story looks pretty darned good!

From up on the deck, looking into the festival. Thats Donovan's maze in the distance, and the beautifully painted House of Musical Traditions beside us. The mirror is hanging on that beautiful old oak tree. This time of year was a little scary because the acorns would be falling like hail from time to time. That nice space beside the ramp for the deck was good for Dudley, he could sit in the sun or in the shade, whichever suited him.

This is the "fair" side of Stag House. Most such buildings are kind of weird since they look medieval from the fair side, but fairly normal from the backstage side.

I meant for this pic to go in tomorrow's post, but this is the last show I caught at the festival...Toronto's Kodo Drummers put on a really good show.

From the pub, the little house really towers over the festival.

The little gargoyle which decorated the back beam. You can see how I nailed steel to protect the wood. It didn't work....that beam is FULL of ants.

My big old rams heads, and the eye of Osiris I brought back from Malta. This is from the pub deck, looking into the "pit". The pit was there to provide a safe place for customers to swing a sword around. It must have worked, we had zero incidents in the nine years we were open. (Okay, there was "one", but that's a long story.)

From the pub deck, looking under my balcony and across the front of the HMT booth to the concession stands in the distance. I had just put in the decorative wheel brackets, and was "quite" taken with them.
One of the beam ends in front....these guys are just too cute for words. I still have one of them!

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Charlotte said...

It was a nicely-painted booth, wasn't it?

There's still that one corner, though, that top part of about a foot that could've used a solid second coat.