Wednesday, April 23, 2008

April Past...2005

About 3 years ago this April, the local TV station wanted to get a story on us, and we found a nice location down by the Ottawa River. Some nice ruined buildings on Victoria Island. So we obliged, putting on some little fighting demonstrations, and showing off our armour. The result was pretty good. Characters in the above pic...Arthur the empty armour, Bill in Chain Mail, Jean V. in his Samurai Suit, Shayne in his chain mail, and Leanne with the sword and rather lighter chain mail.

Here Shayne is showing Leanne the moves that keep him alive.

The Camera is being held by Leanne's assistant Wayne, and he is talking to me. I love the long horse tail coming off my helm.

A nice collection of fighters, all mugging for the camera.

And that was April of 2005. Lots of water under the bridge since then. Both Shayne and Bill are slimmer, and the Samurai Armour is chipped and "used", but all in all, the same bunch of great guys haveing a great time.

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justagirl said...

Hey that's really cool that they did a story on you! I love the look of the chain mail, but I can't imagine I would be able to get very far in it. It must be incredibly heavy.