Friday, April 18, 2008

Friday Doggies.

Got lots of good stuff today, but right now, I am too tired to load it all in. A busy week, lots of armour being made, crocuses are coming up! Tulips will be here any day now! And the snow is makeing a serious retreat. And we came in second for "highest amount of snowfall in a season ev-er.". Thats okay though....didn't really want to shovel more of it!

The weather was fantastic....over 20 degrees C. (75 degrees Farenheit) and we went up to Lanark to give a talk on armour for a school full of grade four kids. And of course, had to drop by the Village Treats factory outlet store (best chocolates this side of Belgium! Brenda got some raspberry creame filled dark chocolate chockies which are totally sinfull! And next door was the Balderson Cheese factory. Not that I really "like" Balderson cheese, I mean, they are competent cheese makers as far as it goes, but they make the worlds best cheese "curds". I understand this Canadian delicacy is not really common south of the 49th parallel, so essentially cheese curds are an intermittent step in the production of cheddar cheese. They are fairly salty, irregularly shaped, squeek between your teeth when they are really fresh, and have a reasonably solid texture. A handful of cheese curds is equivalent of drinking a dozen glasses of milk, so it is very filling. They pack the cheese curds together into wheels for ageing, but most cheese factories sell about half their curd output to people like me who beat a path to their door to snack on these very healthy morsels. A Canadian dish is French Fries with rich gravy and cheese curds sprinkled on top. They call it poutine, and when they sprinkle bacon bits on top you pretty much have to have your cariologist on speed dial. Those hash browns like you get at MacDonalds, the potato patties? Well, a few minutes in the toaster oven, and a few cheese curds melted on top of them is just heaven.
Anyway, pictures tomorrow. Tonight.....dropped into the auction on the way home. Picked up a beautiful touristy knife, I think Caucasian, or possibly Black Sea provenance. Oh well...looked really cool, and picked it up for ten bucks. Missed out on the group of seven print (signed and numbered) because Brenda didn't want to go over thirty five dollars, and also the Fredrick Remington bronze because I wouldn't go over a hundred. (it eventually went for 175!) Oh well....such are the vagaries of the auction! Got out of there before I did some serious damage to the wallet!


cv said...


We had a freak snowstorm!

Latest one in 20 years.

STAG said...

snowstorm! Really! I know that here in Ottawa we have been known to get snowstorms as late as June, and the weather guy says that there is NO month that never had snow at one time or another. Certainly, during the summer at the Renaissance Festival, the chill at night was quite considerable, but we don't normally get frost. Just the frosty morning reception from my staff who can't believe Canadians really LIVE in this kind of weather!
Oh well. The bright side is that there are no ticks, no scorpions, no luv-bugs, and no sharks.