Friday, April 04, 2008

Last dance

Here, Shayne and I have a little dance to celebrate the successful graduation of the third course in only two weeks! He is pretty light on his feet...grin!

The grad pic is on my armouring blog


cv said...

So, do you yell when you strike to give yourself power?

I've always wanted to do that!


STAG said...

Actually, I am a bit of a stealth fighter...I am concentrating so much on my technique and my foe that I forget everything else. Too would be kind of funky to yell insults. Fortunately, I DO remember to breathe. Many people forget to breathe. Really!

These fights are just for fun....we are not wearing any armour, so the swords are actually padded wood, and they don't hurt.


justagirl said...

Noelle yells something when she makes a move in Taekwondo. It's called a Kiap or something like that. Everybody has their own yell. Great picture! So much fun to see you guys in action.

Anonymous said...

Well, slight correction. Those are not boffer swords, they are wood and aluminium under that padding.

They hurt.
They don't injure (Provided you wear headgear)

(If you are hurt suck it up; if you are injured seek medical attention)

STAG said...

Well, Shayne, we have been doing it for a long time with those great padded weapons you made, and we have not had any injuries with those padded swords. But a lot of bruises and stinging skin...yup,...lots of that!
It doesn't hurt nearly as much as hockey camp.....