Wednesday, April 02, 2008


Doggies. Keep thinking about getting another dog. Have to admit to liking the freedom of not being responsible for a dog though. Last night the wind was howling, and it reminded me of how much my little horizontally challenged fur covered tongue loller used to like to find a high spot in the yard, and stick his nose right into the wind, receiving messages from far far away.


cv said...

I have wanted a dog for years. A sweet, dopey, dumb, happy, drooling, warm, cuddly, lazy, playful friend.

But, my two cats would hate it, and I work such an awful shift that there would be no routine for my dog.

Also, I admit to myself that I love the Idea of a dog more than the actual dog itself.

justagirl said...

I have to admit, I am not a dog person. I just can't take the drool. Or the walks in 2 feet of snow. Noelle really wants a dog, and I would gladly get one for her if we could afford it. Hard enough feeding the two of us in this economy! Dog pictures always make me smile, though. :)