Friday, April 11, 2008

Rob and Bill, 9 April 08

Training in the snow
Training in the snow
Oh what a happy life we lead (ho ho)

Spring in Ottawa. You know its spring because the snow can be tramped down.

Typical Canadian eh! Tee shirts and galoshes. That is a pic of me and Rob working on his broadsword techniques on Wednesday of this week.


cv said...

And you know it's summer because that's the week everyone in Ottowa takes their snowblowers in for maintenance?

STAG said...

Oh, we are not THAT optomistic CV, snow was blowing in this morning, and we are expecting a half a foot or so on the weekend. Unless it turns into freezing rain. I think I prefer the rain....don't have to shovel it.

cv said...

That is why I Love love LOVE Seattle.