Thursday, April 02, 2009

Auctions of arms and armour

It looks as though "Imperial Auctions" is going to make its big sword auction a regular event. The prices were just as you expect from an auction, almost embarassingly low. A Javanese Kris in its sheath went for under 12 dollars for instance...heck the silver in the scabbard is worth more than that! A basket hilted "Scottish" (actually English) broadsword went for $292.00.
A sword identical to the lady's blade from the movie "Crouching Tiger Hidden Dragon), 19th century, folded steel WITH sheath went for a measely two grand.

Check out item 121. Wow. A bladesmith named "Yusuf" but his name on a cossack sword! Kuuul. And I didn't bid on it! Drat.

Anyway, the next auction will be during March Break of next year. That gives you lots of time to quit smoking and put the money towards that dream sword. (Thats what I did.)

The auction house is here....

and you click on the "prices realized" here....

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